Bitcoin Profit Review

Bottom Line – Is It the Real Deal or a Scam?

It really goes without saying that we live in a world full of unscrupulous operators pushing out thousands and thousands of financial scams and looking to fleece you out of your hard-earned money. We have done the hard work, asked the tough questions and found the following reasons why we believe that Bitcoin Profit is a legitimate software application that can earn you money when used to trade Bitcoin:

· Free of charge

– You will not be charged a cent to make use of the Bitcoin Profit software. The same applies to the original Bitcoin Trader software, which also does not charge any fees.

· Deposit

– Although you will be required to make an initial deposit after you sign up, the entire amount remains available for you to trade with and to take profit from.

· Customer Support

– Whenever you require any assistance or need a question answered, there is always someone available to help you, since both the Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Trader teams offer 24/7 support to their customers.

· Straight-forward

– The Bitcoin Profit promotional video says that you do not need any trading experience to use the software, and we can confirm that this is true. Thanks to the powerful algorithms that power this automated trading software, it finds potentially profitable opportunities for you. If you have the necessary analysis skills, the software also lets you trade manually, allowing you to maintain full control over your trades.

· Convenience

– When you trade using the Bitcoin Profit software, it is not necessary to download any software on install updates. It is completely web-based and can be run from any Internet-connected device with a modern browser, in the same way to the original Bitcoin Trader.

How to join Bitcoin Profit (BTC Profit)?

To start using the Bitcoin Profit platform, you must have an initial investment capital on the ground.  Note that this capital is totally yours, and if you so wish, you can make more gains via returns on investments, and thereby increase this account balance.  It doesn’t have to be huge money; even the smallest amount can bring you significant profits.

Once you have initial investment capital, you can begin your journey to massive returns on investments via the Bitcoin Profit software by following the steps below:

  1. Proceed to the official website of Bitcoin Profit and complete the registration form. This will give you free access to the investment platform.
  2. Credit your newly opened investment account with not less than $250, which qualifies you to trade on the platform.
  3. Navigate your way through and begin to place trades, while generating gains on your investment.

Becoming part of the system is pretty easy.  However, if you are having issues in the process, feel free to contact the Bitcoin Profit customer support service.  They are available 24/7 and will answer all your questions promptly and professionally.

Features of the BTC-Profit Trading Software

Now, while we were able to earn profits quickly and easily while trading Bitcoin with Bitcoin Profit, the idea that we could use the more advanced features available on the original trading software appealed to us, which is why we recommend that you also have a look at Bitcoin Trader software.

In general, Bitcoin Trader appeared to be much easier to set up and to get started with trading. Besides the necessary investment needed to fund the trading account with initial capital, the use of the software is also absolutely free. We were also pleased that the application offered the option to trade manually, a feature that would definitely entice people who prefer staying in control of their trades at all times.

The people behind Bitcoin Profit have done a tremendous job by offering a user-friendly platform which can identify potentially profitable trading opportunities for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. However, if you carry out a side-by-side comparison of both products, it is clear that Bitcoin Trader provides traders with a much more streamlined trading process, probably because they have more experience offering trading software solutions. Simply put, it offers an interface with everything that a trader would need to profit, regardless of their level of experience, and the user-friendly design means that there is no learning curve.

However, at the end of the day, you are the one who has to make a decision on the trading software to use. Reading more about the original Bitcoin Trader software and Bitcoin Profit will go a long way toward helping you make the right choice.

Get in on the Cryptocurrency Trading Action

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to review a large number of automated trading products. As a result, we can confidently assure you that Bitcoin Profit is a legitimate software that offers you a good way to profit from trading all types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

While the software impressed us with the opportunities it presented and which we made money from, we still found that Bitcoin Trader, the original auto trading software had a superior offering. Boasting an advanced trading algorithm and faster execution of trades when placed, Bitcoin Trader delivers near-perfect results in terms of successful trades.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that Bitcoin Trader has been designed to not only minimize trading risk, but also to improve the safety of your information and the security of your funds. All in all, these automated cryptocurrency trading systems come highly recommended as a convenient and legitimate way to make money through the online trading of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Profit is an automatic trading software that claims to make people money by buying and selling cryptocurrency at the right time, offering a win-rate of supposedly up to 92%.

The Bitcoin Profit app, also known as a bitcoin robot, uses a complex algorithm to detect market trends. These ‘signals’ are used by the most experienced traders to open and close buying and selling orders automatically. The Bitcoin Profit software completes this whole process on auto-pilot, making it beginner friendly.

You’ve probably heard about the Bitcoin Profit after seeing a Facebook ad claiming it’s made people rich. You may have also heard that the app was featured on some program such as This Morning and Shark Tank, and trusted by famous business men such as Peter Jones and Richard Branson.

In our Bitcoin Profit review, we look at whether Bitcoin Profit is legit and how it works.

Try Bitcoin Profit, the most popular auto trader in 2019!

  • 92% Claimed win-rate
  • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Debit and Credit Card

All trading carries risk

Is Bitcoin Profit Scam or Not?

It’s no secret that everyone is looking for the perfect way to make money online. With the word spreading around trading robots, this is no exception. While some robots claim to be able to generate thousands per day, not all of them stand up to the best. BTC Profit claims to be one of the robots with the highest conversion rate in the wide selection of automatic trading tools, just like CryptoSoft and The Bitcoin Code software.  If you’ve been scouring the web for reviews about this robot you will find that the search “Bitcoin Profit Scam” is very popular. However, after having reviewed the software in detail and read user testimonials and reviews, it seems that there is a very positive opinion of Bitcoin Profit online. We have tested the software and we have found that it appears legitimate and fully working. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this software and whether it’s worth investing in.

Proof of SCAM:

Below you will see the main sales page and registration area for the Bitcoin Profit software and trading app. The real reason it is so convincing is because of the perceived benefit. You can see for yourself that the main sales pitch is “earn millions from Bitcoin even when crypto markets are crashing”. You have to admit, its very intriguing and probably the best sales pitch our team has seen in a while (and we have seen quite a few).

Bitcoin Profit Review: Registration Area

And right below our staff placed the Bitcoin Profit System right next to “Cryptosoft” (another fake app) for comparative analysis. It’s very plain to see that this is a replica software or type of white label solution for affiliate marketers looking to plugin to fraudulent software platform and start peddling fake apps online in order to collect commission checks.

Bitcoin Profit Cloned Software

Bitcoin Profit Fake Testimonials

We have seen fake testimonials before, but this is just too obvious. What we have here is a collection of Fiverr actors who are getting paid to lie and are apparently doing a fairly decent job at convincing people to signup for fraudulent trading software. See for yourself, we pasted a direct screenshot from the Bitcoin Profit website as a point of reference and right next to it the actor’s profile and acting reel. Its always shocking when you see, it don’t you agree?

Bitcoin Profit Fake Testimonials

Who Is Behind The Bitcoin Profit SCAM?

The crooks behind this crypto scam are affiliate networks like oDigger, OfferVault, and others. These networks are the ones who get the word out and coordinate the activities with the fake Forex and CFD Brokers, and the affiliates are the ones who refer the customers to the brokers via the networks.

Bitcoin Profit How The Scam Works

There is a long list of affiliate networks which are currently promoting this offer, and the couple we mentioned represent just a partial list. What does this mean? Well it means that there are networks consisting of professional marketers who are making a concerted effort to peddle this trash and convince you that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Alas, the cat is out of the bag and we are on to their dirty tricks!

Bitcoin Profit Fake News – Baiting Tactics

If you have seen some type of fake news advertisement or fake Bitcoin Profit reviews then you should know that you are about to enter the lion’s den and there is a whole ecosystem of marketers who are using websites, social networks, and digital news and lifestyle content portals in order to drag you down and convince you to join their program. Right now they are using British comedian Jim Davidson to promote Bitcoin Profit as well as Conor McGregor (see below), however we have received complaints in regards to members of the Dragons’ Den cast as well as Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsay, Peter Lim, Charlie Brake, Holly Willoughby, This Morning Show, Roberto Cavalli, Anthony (Ant) McPartlin, Cillian Murphy, and Richard Branson being used for promotional purposes.

Fake Bitcoin Profit News and Reviews

If you are not careful and inquisitive, chances are you will be deceived and your money will be stolen from you by very professional con artists.

Is Bitcoin Profit Legit or Not: The Verdict!

1). Inside Bitcoins has tested the Bitcoin Profit software and the platform is very intuitive and easy to use.

2). Because of high risks and volatility when trading with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we recommend beginning with a conservative investment of $250.

3). Bitcoin Profit claims to have around 92% success rate, meaning that out of 10 trades, around 9 of them would be accurate.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Update: Bitcoin Profit is also being marketed now as “Profit Bitcoin” (they changed it) but its the same system.