The News Spy Review

Unveiling the winning processes on The News Spy

There is always a reason why auto trading platforms are successful. We needed to find out the secret behind the high success rate of transactions on The News Spy. To do this, my team used the best analytics tools to analyse the trading processes on the platform. We got impressive results.

The data generated from the cryptocurrency market is very large. It will take many hours and hard work to analyse all this data manually. This is why the auto trading platforms such as The News Spy are thriving. The trading robots on this site work fast, they can analyse big data from the cryptocurrency market in seconds. This is the leverage used to make profits from the cryptocurrency market.

We are happy about the entire review; the results we have obtained can help our readers know how to go about making money from the cryptocurrency market without doing any physical work.

Also, the owners of The News Spy have thoughtfully lowered the minimum deposit that must be made before using the live trading feature. Investors only need to deposit $250 to start making money with The News Spy.

My team completed this review in eight days because we needed enough time for repeat tests and proper analysis to be sure that our results are accurate. We can confidently inform our readers that The News Spy is legit, and all investors can start earning a profit from the first live trading session they initiate.

Who created The News Spy?

When we test auto trading platforms, it is a great idea to find out information about the developers and management team. We discovered that the team managing this auto trading platform is led by John Mayers. He is a successful crypto trader who has found a way to help many others interested in making money from the cryptocurrency market. John Mayers works with a dedicated team to ensure that all the features on The News Spy are functional and that investors will make more profits as they increase their deposits. We can confirm that there is so much money to make from the cryptocurrency market; this means more people can use The News Spy and everyone will have enough to share.

How the News Spy works

We analysed the principle of operation on this auto trading platform, it is simple. The News Spy trading robots are activated with the click of a button. When activated, the trading robots detect the best trades in the cryptocurrency market. The investors’ funds are used to buy cryptocurrency at low rates. The purchased coins are sold when the market prices rise.

The process starts with a free registration on The News Spy. After opening an account, the user makes a deposit and can start making money with the trading robot.

Does The News Spy have a mobile app?

We have tried to search for a mobile app supporting the robot but we were unable to find one. This is not a problem though because the software runs on the browser, meaning that you can access it from any smartphone with an Internet connection.

Who Is Really Behind The News Spy SCAM?

Here’s an alarm bell that should resonate very clearly. Assuming Erik Finman is not the person behind the News Spy, we have no way of knowing who really is behind it. A WHOIS check reveals the site belongs to an anonymous entity, we don’t see any type of real person taking credit for this system, there is no social media or LinkedIn profile associated with the app, and there is no physical address or ANYTHING which may lead us to the conclusion that the News Spy is legit. Remember, transparency plays a crucial factor when risking your money, yet the level of anonymity surrounding The News Spy simply invites additional suspicion rather than more approval.

Still Unconvinced?

At this stage of today’s review, you can see for yourself exactly how unethical and misleading The News Spy scam really is. But before we sum up, its vital that you understand the similarities associated with this software and others. In fact, the post registration pop up led us to the understanding that we are dealing with a clone or replica version of the Bitcoin Trader, which is very similar in nature to Crypto Robot 365. In other words, the software is not safe and oddly enough we also received complaints is infected with Spyware which is designed to spy after your activities and sell you various products according to your behavior patterns on the internet. Remember, anyone joining News Spy is simply donating money to con artists who just switched product names and design. If you don’t want to suffer the same fate, we highly recommend you avoid it.

Some Viable Alternatives

Its true that most automated trading systems out there are not to be trusted and just designed to rob you blind whilst generating money for the promoters and thieving offshore brokers. However, we were able to locate a few legitimate systems which produce consistent profit over time, and we invite you to check out our short list of recommended software.


How much money can I make trading on The News Spy?

We cannot guarantee a certain amount since we have not done a live test. However, from the reviews we have come across, there is a likelihood of making a sustainable daily profit using this robot.

Isn’t this Affiliate Marketing?

No, this isn’t in any way affiliate marketing. The News Spy is only a web service tool which provides cryptocurrency trading insights for traders.

How much time is needed to effectively trade?

You only need about 15 minutes daily as the News Spy tool allegedly does all the trading automatically.

How much does The News Spy License cost?

The News Spy License cost $0.

How efficient is withdrawals?

All withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.

There’s so much money to make from trading cryptocurrencies; it will be unfair if people who do not have the training or skill are left out of this ‘loot’ others are making on the market. This is one of the reasons why the developers of the News Spy gave for creating the software.

We think it is a brilliant move, having software that can handle everything about trading cryptocurrencies is going to be helpful. However, like all tools made available to the public, it is important to test and review the News Spy to know if it can really give every user an advantage in the market.

Much of our work has already been done by the current users of the News Spy who are having a great time increasing their passive income with the software. However, it is best that a team of professionals such as ours analyses the News Spy and present the actual verdict.

The best choice  The News Spy is NOT a scam
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Is The News Spy Legit? Yes

We have extensively analysed the News Spy software for trading cryptocurrencies, and this is our official review. We focused our tests on the main features of the software to ascertain that the expected gains of users who sign up and create accounts are achievable. Thankfully, we can state that the News Spy is excellent software, and it passed our tests.

First, let’s start with an overview to give you a clear idea of what it is all about.

The News Spy is an automated trading tool that can give users leverage to earn high profits. It works with intelligent robots that can extensively analyse the market signals, trends, and prices to determine the best times to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The program is easy to use and allows people from all over the world to register and start earning more passive incomes from their global locations.

We have tested the News Spy, and it is as good as it sounds.

At the end of our tests, it was easy to conclude that the News Spy is a legit platform for trading cryptocurrency. We made this conclusion after testing the system with real money, and we made a profit. Everything about the processes was smooth and without a hitch. News Spy will be helpful to everyone interested in earning profit from trading activities in the cryptocurrency market regardless of their skill level in this field.

The program is also backed by a support team who are always available to help users who may need some assistance. Not only have we confirmed that the News Spy is legit, all transactions on the platform are secured by top-grade online security software to prevent unauthorised access, we checked this out and were impressed with our discoveries.

Our focus on the core areas of this software was necessary because of claims online that insinuate the News Spy may be another scam because there are so many developers claiming their software is the best, but cause people to lose money. There is some scepticism about automated trading software, but that’s why we are here to test and publish our findings.

The best choice  The News Spy is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
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Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!